NANNY-STATE: Mom Convited For Letting Daughter Draw On Rocks With Chalk

Richmond, VA mom, Susan Mortensen is scheduled to serve 50 hours of community service for an unthinkable crime — she let her 4-year-old draw on rocks with sidewalk chalk.

After Mortensen was ticketed for vandalism in March, police said that there had been a problem with people painting on rocks and they were trying to crack down, WTVR reports. The 29-year-old mother’s friends were outraged. Following the incident, a group gathered outside the police headquarters and left their own chalk messages on the sidewalk.

Mortensen told WTVR that the instance has had a negative effect on her daughter. “She’s very scared of chalk for one …The protest we had did help with that, made her feel a little better. And she’s very nervous around cops,” she said. – Richmond, VA News, Weather, Traffic



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