Mission Accomplished: Mitt Romney’s Convention Calls on Us to Reclaim the American Greatness We Remember

I thought it was fantastic. I thought the Romney speech was great. I don’t have any complaints about it. Maybe a couple of nitpicks, but I think “mission accomplished.” Now we see how many people saw it, how it can be built upon, how well the convention built this. I’m gonna go out on a limb. I’m gonna say something. You know, I usually don’t say controversial things, but I’m gonna take a little risk here. When this convention started Monday, even though they took the day off…

When the delegates gathered, when they first got together at the convention hall (the arena or whatever it was in Tampa), I think it’s fair to say, safe to say, that that was not Mitt Romney’s convention. And by that I mean, the people gathered there were not jazzed to be a part of Mitt Romney. I think the unifying thing at the convention early on was, “We gotta save the country. We have to beat Obama. We’re unified. We have a sense of purpose, here.”

There were some doubts, and I think by the end of last night, it had become Mitt Romney’s convention. I think it has become Mitt Romney’s party, and I think it has become Mitt Romney’s cause, and I think they did an amazing thing. Romney, his organizers and people, did a great job. I think that’s the starting point. I really do. You may disagree with me. By that I mean that when I saw camera shots of the first night of the convention, if Romney would have shown up for a surprise appearance?

“Ah, look, there’s Mitt. Okay, cool. No big deal.”



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