Media Will Defend Biden’s Racial Gaffe By Calling Romney Racist

After Vice President Joe Biden’s epic gaffe in which he suggested to a largely black audience in Virginia that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan wanted to “put y’all back in chains,” the mainstream media has been desperately seeking a way to shift the narrative. They’ve been unable to cope with the selection of Ryan, who doesn’t fit any of the preferred anti-conservative stereotypes: dumb (Bush), corrupt (Nixon), or mean (Cheney). And now they’re on the defensive about Biden’s race-baiting, too.

So the media is gearing up to do what they always do: counterattack.

The counterassault has already started, and it’s come from a supremely predictable angle: Biden isn’t the real racist, Mitt Romney is. This is an angle the left used successfully on Newt Gingrich’s brilliant “food stamp president” label for Obama. Now they’ll try to apply it to Romney. Touré tried to misdirect from Biden’s comments to Romney by stating that Romney’s ire at Biden – and particularly his line that Obama’s “angry” campaign ought to be sent back to Chicago – “niggerized” Obama, making him look like a stereotypical angry black man. Except that Obama is angry. And he’s making an ass of himself. But for Touré, Biden’s race-baiting and Obama’s rage are evidence of Romney’s racism.



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