Left Tries Racism in Latest Attempt to Combat “You Didn’t Build That”

The latest piece from the left on Obama’s, (Obama impression) “You didn’t build that. You didn’t make that happen. You had nothing to do with your success. Who do you think you are? The roads and the bridges, that’s whose successful, the roads and the bridges did it. You didn’t do that.” The latest entry is from a guy named Jonathan Chait. Jonathan Chait, I think he writes for New York Magazine or The New Yorker. I forget which. Yeah, yeah, Jonathan Chait, you may remember, is a guy who, I forget which Bush term it was, but he wrote a piece that was titled, “Why I Hate George W. Bush.” And it was celebrated, it was welcomed. You know the left always says we need more civility in our political discourse. We need to be polite. We need to be respectful. And here comes Chait writing this piece, “Why I Hate Bush.” It was applauded and celebrated.



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