Left Focuses on Intimidating Republicans Into Not Mentioning Obama at Convention

I think everything in the Drive-By Media is intended to intimidate Republicans into shutting up. I think all these charges of racism, all these stories about Romney adopting a harsher tone that are accompanied by a warning: “You’d better not do that! Look how likable Obama is!” I think what’s going on here is the left knows how vulnerable Obama is. The Democrat Party knows what an absolute disaster they’ve got on their hands. The Democrat Party knows they’re hanging by a thread here.

They know that the vast majority of the American people do not want any more of this. The only choice they have is to neuter their opposition. They cannot pump their own guy. There’s nothing about this guy that makes you say, “Four more years!” There’s nothing in his performance, there’s nothing in his record that anybody wants more of other than the Moron Vote, the Taker Vote. But that still is not a majority of people in this country. So there is an all-out effort on the part of the media and the Democrats (it’s all the same bunch) to scare, frighten, and intimidate all Republicans into shutting up about Obama.

‘Cause that’s all they can do. And they keep going back to that because, in their minds, it works. In their mind, they succeed in neutering Republicans. They look… For example, this fight over delegate selection. I guarantee you the media’s looking at this and thinking, “All right, this is exactly what we need. (clapping) We’ve got the Republican Party now doing our bidding for us! The Republican Party is trying to get rid of our nemesis!” What Carville, what Obama, what Plouffe, what Axelrod, what all these guys know is their biggest enemy is the conservative population of this country.



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