Isaac Becomes Hurricane, Dems Celebrate!

“Stop the presses! Stop everything! Stop the music! (silence) It’s a hurricane! They just declared it a hurricane! It’s a hurricane, all right! (applauding) Death and destruction during the Republican convention is now on tap!” I just demonstrated for you the activity that probably went on in every newsroom in this country. “Stop everything! It’s a hurricane! Death and destruction while the Republican convention is going on. How can anybody dare stride to the microphone and make a speech while this is going on?”

They’re gonna have split screens. That’s exactly right. If the Republicans don’t cancel the convention, you know what’s gonna happen? Who’s the big speaker tonight? It’s Christie tonight. So Christie is gonna stride in there and there’s gonna be split screen. They have Christie doing his speech, fire and brimstone, whatever he’s gonna do. (He says he’s not gonna make any changes in his speech.) And the split screen will show flooding and replays of Katrina.

If this one isn’t bad enough, they’ll go get Katrina footage. They’ll go anywhere they have to to get flooding. People standing on planks of wood in puddles of water desperately waiting for helicopter rescues. Whatever it takes! With Chris Christie on the other half of the screen talking about what a rotten guy Obama is. Then the split screen back to Obama getting off the plane in New Orleans with the FEMA director. You can see it.



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