I’m Not the Surprise Speaker at the RNC

Now, one other thing. You know there’s this mystery speaker on Thursday night at the convention. There’s a time slot, and the official convention itinerary says TBD, “To Be Determined.”

So the media has assumed that that means there is a surprise speaker, and they are making guesses (and so are many bloggers making guesses) as to who this mystery speaker is on Thursday night. And the popular names are Sarah Palin, Nancy Reagan, and me. I just want to tell you: It isn’t me. It isn’t me. (interruption) What, do you want me to carry forth this thing? (interruption) Why? Why be dishonest? (interruption) It isn’t me. I am not the mystery speaker.

Snerdley will never get it through his head. He is so loyal, and he loves me so much, he just can’t believe the truth. I am looked upon, folks… You must understand this: I am looked at, by these Republicans that we’ve been talking about, as a liability. I am not an asset. There is no way that they would ask me to speak. Well, it’s interesting. There are a couple of bloggers, as they speculate who this might be, who say there are only two people that would rivet the nation to the event.

One is Palin, and the other is me.



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