Illustrating Absurdity by Being Absurd: Did Obama’s Anti-Boss Rhetoric Inspire Empire State Building Shooter?

The New York Daily News and a lot of the New York media, and some of the television networks, are reporting that the Empire State Building shooter… You heard about this? Okay. The New York Daily News is reporting that the Empire State Building shooter did indeed kill his boss. He was fired. He went out there and he killed his boss. I wonder if Obama’s constant warfare on bosses and so forth might have led this guy to pull the trigger?

Oh, you ought to see the faces of the people on the other side of the glass!

“Oh, no. Rush, you didn’t really say that! We have time on the delay to bleep it. No, Rush! Oh, you didn’t really say that!”

Yes, I said it, and we’re not gonna bleep it out. I’ll guarantee you. The last time there was a shooting in New York, who’d the mayor blame it on? Tea Party people that didn’t like health care, right? Gabby Giffords, you name it. The shooting out in Colorado? Brian Ross said the Tea Party did it. Well, here you have a guy shooting his boss for being fired. Who’s out there ripping bosses to shreds every day? Who’s out there ripping businesses to shreds every day?

And who’s out there killing jobs every day?



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