I Am Really Worried About This Election

I am really worried about this election. (groans) I am really worried about what’s gonna happen to this country if this guy wins. I’ve never felt this way about an election before. I have never. When football season has shown up, I have not cared.

I look at this election, and if Obama wins this? I am just worried for everybody, what the country’s going to be, how it’s gonna change, and we may not be able to get it back. Not for a long, long time. Anyway, just as a reason to explain. And of course I check the e-mail during the breaks, “You know, Rush, you’re falling for it, all this Romney killing people. All Obama’s trying to do is distract you and everybody from talking about the economy.” Okay, what are we supposed to do here?

No matter what happens, remind you of the unemployment rate? Remind you of what the gross domestic product is not? If you want, every day I’ll do nothing but give you the economic stats. My contention is that you know it and you feel it. Obama’s got no record. I don’t think that we have been deficient in highlighting Obama’s failures, anyway.



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