How to Respond to Unfair Attacks

Now, there are those who believe — and I want to ask you about this. There are those who believe that the way you respond to that, the way you respond to people who are accusing you of being inhumane or being cold-hearted… “You hate the poor!” The way to respond to this is simply show up and have your family around you, and speak without profanity, and it will expose the accusers as the liars they are. That is an ongoing theory. I just heard that theory proposed by a learned wise man on Fox, and it does sound good.

It does sound good. In a fair world, that’s exactly the way it would work. Let’s take Romney and Obama. On the one hand, we have Obama essentially calling Romney a murderer. We have the allegation that he might be a felon and the business about the dog. These just scratch the surface. The attempts here to make people hate Romney based on ads that the Obama people have run — over a hundred million dollars in ads.

The way to respond to it is show up at your convention and have your wife go out and make a speech and be lovable and normal, and have the kids there looking normal, and have as many normal people as you can. Speak about love, devotion, flag, and family, and you win because you’re obviously not a murderer. You’re obviously not. You don’t have to do anything to respond to it other than show up. (sigh) If only that worked. I’ve had trust and faith that that would work for me. I’ve had it said…



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