How Ryan Forces Obama to Face Issues

I’m not trying to take anything away from Sarah Palin. She excited the McCain campaign like wildfire. Don’t misunderstand. They’re a little bit different. We don’t have McCain on the ticket. A lot of people think there’s not much difference between Romney and McCain. I happen to think there is. But not by any stretch am I trying to diminish the enthusiasm Sarah Palin brought. Maybe what I should better say is I was surprised.

The conventional wisdom is that vice presidential picks do not really matter in November. When people go in to vote, they really don’t matter. That’s the conventional wisdom. And I expected whoever Romney’s picked to be a perfunctory thing that happens in the campaign and accept it as such. The outpouring of energy and enthusiasm for Ryan everywhere those guys went on Saturday — North Carolina, in Norfolk, Virginia — was huge. By the way, how in the world did Romney secure the USS Wisconsin for a political event?

It’s Obama’s Navy!

In Norfolk, they got the USS Wisconsin to do their Ryan announcement. I thought that was cool. But the reaction that people had was a huge, pleasant surprise for me. It was something that I marveled at over the weekend. It’s got tremendous potential. Remember, now, I’ve been on this kick for I can’t tell you how long, that (particularly in presidential campaigns) we have got to talk about our ideology. We have got to talk about our principles. We have got to talk about our ideas.



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