GOP Establishment Tries to Change Delegate Rules to Marginalize Conservatives

There’s an AP story here today. This rules change that everybody thinks got solved yesterday. Let me briefly, as I understand this, tell you what’s going on. There was an attempt, by the rules committee yesterday, to change the rules of the convention in determining who the delegates to the convention are from the various states and to strip away all of the BS. The purpose of the rules change, which was orchestrated by Ben Ginsberg — he’s working for Romney, but it’s the establishment GOP. The express purpose is to eliminate any influence of Tea Party activists or grassroots people or conservatives, essentially, from having any power at future conventions.

It would allow the presidential nominee to determine who the delegates to the convention are in future conventions. That was the purpose of the rules change. And, as of last night, it was supposedly beaten back. Now, there is talk of an end run at two o’clock this afternoon. Byron York has a piece at the Washington Examiner: “Despite reports of a compromise, there is still substantial unhappiness among many delegates to the Republican convention over a package of party rules changes proposed by the Romney campaign. The fight … could break into the open today, as delegates debate various proposals to resolve the conflict.

“The short version of the story is that the changes would give the party’s presidential nominee more control over how individual states choose their delegates to the national convention. In this cycle, there have been bitter fights in some states as supporters of Ron Paul, who did not win any primaries or caucuses, tried to exploit the rules at local, district, and state-level conventions to win delegates,” and thus try to influence things that happened.



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