GE’s PC Olympics

Did you see, Saudi Arabia has allowed two women to be on the Olympic team, and one of them, I think, competes in judo. And the Saudis told the Olympic committee, the IOC, the International Olympic Committee, you must let our female judo competitor wear a hijab, a head scarf. And the IOC relented. It is not allowed in judo because it could end up being used as a weapon for choking, for example. But they relented, and they’re letting the Saudi babe, err, woman, wear her hijab because it’s required that her head be covered in public. I kid you not. They did relent. I don’t know when the competition is. I haven’t checked. I have all that stuff available on my iOS devices. I haven’t looked when judo is. But it kind of boggles the mind, the fear that exists and the resulting political correctness.



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