Facts Don’t Persuade Liberals

Ladies and gentlemen, the liberals, the American left, the Democrat Party cannot ever allow the country to be unified. They just can’t. They cannot survive without conflict. They cannot survive without chaos. They cannot survive without an us versus them. To illustrate the point, if the top marginal tax rate were moved up to 90%, it would not stop them from saying the rich aren’t paying their fair share. They’re going to say it if we abolish the rich. If we make it illegal to be rich. They’re still gonna run around talking about the days when the rich weren’t paying their fair share and do you want to go back to that.

Look, for 24 years on my website every day and on this program, frequently, here are the latest numbers: the top 5% pay 44% more in taxes than the bottom 95%. The top 5% pay 44% more in taxes than the bottom 95%.

Now, what does that mean? Nothing. What are the dollars? That doesn’t mean jack to anybody hearing it. And it’s really frustrating. You could say the top 5% pay 50% of all taxes. It doesn’t matter. Apparently it doesn’t cut through the noise and change anybody’s mind who believes the rich aren’t paying their fair share. All that number does is validate people who already understand it. But it’s not winning any converts. At least I don’t get the sense that it is. Otherwise, they wouldn’t still use class envy. Now, there are arguments. Political scientists routinely argue about the effectiveness of class warfare politics, does it work or does it not, and you get for as many political scientists as there are analyzing it, you get that many theories and that many answers. But the fact that the Democrat Party keeps doing it is proof positive to me that they think it works. In this case, that’s all they’ve got.

They can’t run on their current record, they can’t run on this economy, even though Obama today was trying to massage these numbers in such a way as to lie to the American people whose lives he’s destroying, that it isn’t so bad out there. That’s a cold, calculating guy to do that, try to tell people whose jobs you’re destroying that things are getting better. I tell you, that’s heartless. It’s pure heartlessness, but that’s who he is, it’s what he’s doing. They live in cliches. The biggest mistake in the world, and I’ve found this over the years, is to engage them literally. As a persuasion technique, I don’t see how it works.



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