Yesterday Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren indignantly demanded that her opponent, incumbent Senator Scott Brown, release more of his tax returns. Today, the Boston Globe reports that Ms. Warren backed off that demand when it was revealed that Brown has already released the past six years of his tax returns, while she has refused to release more than her past four years:

Asked to reconcile that apparent conflict, Warren backed off her demand, saying today that six years was enough. She did not, however, offer to release any more of her IRS filings.
Both candidates were asked by the Globe in April to release six years of tax returns, a common request to check for conflicts of interest, and contradictions between a candidate’s policy pronouncements and personal financial practices.
Brown agreed to allow reporters into his campaign office to inspect all six years of documents. Warren would only agree to allow reporters to inspect four years worth of returns, releasing some documents outright and allowing reporters into her office to review the supporting documents covering the same period.

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