Don’t Get Depressed by the Polls

So the Gallup poll is out, the Daily Approval Tracking Poll, and Obama is at 43% approve and 51% disapprove. Now, I don’t have the Fox News poll in front of me, but Obama’s way up. What is Obama up in that Fox poll? Did you see it, Snerdley? I think the Democrat sample was plus-nine in the Fox poll. Obama is up five points in the Fox poll and a number of other polls that came out this week.

Obama is up five, up seven and of course the Democrat sample is nine percentage points or eight percentage points higher than the Republican sample. And people are getting depressed over these polls. They can’t figure it out. The Fox News poll came out. “What is this? How can this possibly be?” Even in the Fox poll, Obama’s up 49-40. Nine points! In none of these polls does Obama get over 50. I think it’s interesting. Maybe in one outlier poll he does. But it’s a Fox poll of “registered voters.”

When will the polls start moving to “likely voters”?



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