Does Mitt’s VP Really Matter?

We’re not gonna win California, for example, we’re not gonna win New York. I know all that. But I also factor in the national aspects of this, even though it is said that you can’t factor national characteristics into what essentially is 50 state elections for president. But I think that the VP choice, I always have thought that people spend way, way too much time on that. ‘Cause I don’t think anybody votes for the VP. I think people did vote for Palin in ’08 because there was such dissatisfaction with the Republican establishment. But the circumstances are all different this time.

I think Obama is what’s gonna get our people out, and people like Rahm Emanuel and Thomas Menino, and these liberal Democrats in the media. There is a backlash coming against the entire establishment of Washington, including the Republican establishment, but more specifically the media and the Democrat establishment, and that whole complex. People don’t want any more, a majority of people do not want any more of the way this country’s being governed. There is no future here that a majority of people want. I don’t think that Romney is in a position where he must have the right VP or he doesn’t have a chance. I just don’t see it that way.

Now, I could be dead wrong, and the VP selection could matter much, much more than I think it does. I think it’s possible to pick somebody… how can I say this? Obviously he could make a mistake. He could pick somebody that would so depress people. I would try to talk him out of being depressed ’cause it doesn’t matter, but I know it will. Let me put it this way. I don’t think Romney’s victory hinges on who he picks as veep. Now, I may be a lone wolf. I could be the only idiot who thinks that. But I don’t think that’s the primary factor going in.



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