Do Democrats Know Obama Cut Medicare?

Are you sick and tired yet of hearing how Paul Ryan wants to kill Medicare? You know what’s going to kill Medicare is Medicare. Medicare is going to eat itself. Medicare is going to implode if something isn’t done about it, unless somebody does something to save it. And I’ll tell you, I had a thought develop yesterday when we were discussing the $700 billion that Obama cuts from Medicare. It’s not just that he took $700 billion from Medicare. He put that $700 billion elsewhere. Obama is robbing Medicare. Obama is the guy that’s robbing money from Medicare.

By the time it’s all said and done, when you factor interest over a number of years, you could accurately say that Obama is taking a trillion dollars out of Medicare and putting it elsewhere in Obamacare. It’s not just an accounting move. It’s a real transfer of money, in order to keep the overall reported cost down. I remember yesterday having so much trouble convincing people of this, because the meme is out there that Ryan’s budget cuts Medicare.



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