DNC to Promote ‘Success’ of Auto Bailout

The DNC has plenty of good elected official seats still available.

From Politico’s Mike Allen:

The (Convention planning) documents also give a glimpse of what parts of Obama’s record will get the most attention in the campaign, with one piece — the auto bailout — rating several mentions in the plan….

President Barack Obama claims the $82 billion auto bailout “created or saved” one million jobs. But this is the Administration that claimed the $1 trillion so-called “Stimulus” bill “created or saved” jobs – in non-existent Congressional districts.

The administation spent $80 billion on “green jobs” – but couldn’t define what a “green job” was. And when they finally started defining it – counted things like oil industry lobbyist, bus driver and garbage man. Suffice to say, President Obama and his Democrat cohorts have a long history of being…disingenuous. And having a great deal of difficulty with math.



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