Despicable Dingy Harry Reid Executes Obama/Axelrod Smear on Mitt Romney

Dingy Harry continues to smear Mitt Romney. Ann Coulter has a good column today. She points out, if I could summarize real quick, she says the reason that they are making a beeline for Romney’s tax records is because he’s too straitlaced. He doesn’t have a divorce that they can go look at. And she recounts the history of every Obama campaign, every opponent had either divorce or custody records unsealed shortly before the election, which resulted in high embarrassment or even resignation of the opposition candidate.

Her point is that Obama has never won an election straight up, other than the 2008 presidential election. The playbook for the Obama campaign is to find out whatever dirt there is on your opponent and get it out there, have the help of the media, and have it be so embarrassing, whether it’s true or not, have it be so embarrassing that it just destroys the candidacy or, in best instances, it forces the opponent to withdraw, which is what happened with a guy named Jack Ryan. Well, in Romney’s case, there isn’t any of that. There isn’t a divorce, so there’s not a divorce file. There isn’t any concentrated pile of what Obama and his team might be able to say was perversion or immorality. So they want these tax records. They want these tax records so they can lie about that. And they’re doing everything they can to get them, including spreading the lie — and it’s a lie, because they can’t prove the charge, but they’re doing a Tom Foley on this.

They are saying Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years. They’ve got imaginary friends calling Harry Reid, just like imaginary friends used to call Little Dick Gephardt, imaginary friends calling Harry Reid from Bain Capital saying, “Hey, Harry, Mitt didn’t pay taxes for ten years.” Dingy Harry didn’t know who these guys are. He didn’t have proof. Stephanie Cutter doesn’t have proof, but they’re out there claiming that Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years. And what they’re trying to do is pressure Romney into releasing these tax records. They don’t care what’s in them. It doesn’t matter. Once they get ten years of tax records or five years, I mean, in five years of tax records, with a tax return that would probably be fairly complicated compared to your average 1040 filer, they’ll be able to point to something in there that will make the uninformed class think, “Well, that’s outrageous! How in the world did he pull that off? Oh, this guy is a tax cheat, Myrtle. How in the world can we vote for a guy like that?”



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