Dems Leak Convention Plans

The Democrat convention’s not until September. The Republican convention is this month. And the New York Times, nevertheless, has a story that says Democrats have outlined their convention plans. It says here, “Democrats will use the three-day Democratic National Convention next month to contrast President Obama with a portrayal of Mitt Romney as someone who would ‘devastate the American middle class,’ according to a news report Friday.”

That’s great. Here we are in the middle of middle class devastation. Here we are right smack dab in the middle of it. The middle class has been devastated these past 3-1/2 years right before our very eyes, right under our nose, in plain sight. The middle class is being devastated. And the architect of the destruction plans to use his convention to tell the American people that Romney is somebody who WOULD devastate the middle class.

“A convention planning document obtained by Politico,” which means somebody gave it to them, “said the convention in Charlotte, NC, would focus on the choice for middle-class voters in November by using ‘real people’ to highlight the differences.” This must be an admission by the Democrats that their own attendees don’t look like real people. And they don’t. That whole convention looks like a massive Star Wars bar scene if they endeavor to get close-ups of the convention floor.

That’s a scary sight.



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