Dems Go Nuts Over Romney Welfare Ad

Right on, right on. Now, the regime is really upset about this. I don’t understand why they’re this upset about it. I can understand ’em being ticked off that anybody would dare challenge them because they’re messiahs, but they are really off the deep end over this, and this is pretty mild. I mean, this was pretty vanilla what Romney said. (imitating Romney) “And I don’t think we should have a dependency society. When I get in there, I’m gonna put the work requirements back.” And they’re livid.

By the way, it was more than just the work requirements that were taken out of this. Republican welfare reform that Clinton signed into law back in the nineties included other changes. There were stricter conditions for food stamp eligibility. There were reductions in immigrant welfare assistance. Both of those things have been taken out as well as the work requirements. It’s not just the work requirements that are gone. They really toughened up the law, and it worked. The welfare rolls were cut in half. That’s not insignificant. Welfare assistance rolls were cut by 50%. This got the regime just fit to be tied.

Here’s the Romney ad, by the way. This is the ad that they’re calling racist, has racial undertones. They are angrier about this ad — I’m not kidding — they’re angrier about this ad than you and I are about their ad accusing Romney of killing the guy’s wife.



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