Democrats Admire Dingy Harry’s Lie

Here’s a reporter who knows it’s bogus. A tantamount admission here that Jonathan Karl knows this is bogus. Yet instead of reporting that, the game. Harry Reid’s actually pulling this off, why, every time he doubles or triples down, it keeps the story out there, and then the way Romney responds to it, that keeps the story out there. What Romney ought to be doing is just laughing it off, we can argue about that, but the point is the media knows there’s nothing to it and yet they’re reporting it as though there might be, cause they want the thing to work. They want the tactic to work. So the truth is irrelevant. The fact that nobody has any evidence that Romney hasn’t paid taxes, it doesn’t matter.

I’ll tell you, folks, I remember throughout my entire sterling 24-year broadcast career. As you well know, I have come under attack and under assault countless times, and I’ve had people, “You can’t let that stand. You gotta respond to it.” I’d respond to it, and it just prolongs and elevates the story. And people said, “You shouldn’ta responded to it. See what you did? Now they’re just talking about it even more.” You can’t win. Everybody who asks, “Why don’t the Republicans say X? Why don’t they fight back?” Well, when they do, guess what? The media says, “See? Guilty.” Wait a minute. You know there’s nothing to the charge. “Doesn’t matter, he’s acting guilty. He deigned to react.” So you react to the charge, now the meme is he must have something to hide, he won’t release them. This couldn’t happen without a media that’s chosen sides. This couldn’t happen without a corrupt media, pure and simple.

You can debate all day strategically how to react when something like this happens. Frankly, it is predictable. This is a page right out of the Democrat playbook. I mean I’ve given you all the examples. George Bush, secret meeting in Paris, 1980 with the Iranians. No evidence. And precisely because there was no evidence, the seriousness of the charge, Tom Foley, Speaker of the House, had to investigate. An investigation was called for. There will be an investigation called for here. Now, I’ve got a lot of other sound bites coming. Karl was at the tail end of what we have here. All these other people, “What’s he hiding? Why doesn’t he just release them?” The media knows there’s nothing there. The media knows that Harry Reid’s lying through his teeth, and yet they’re reporting how impressed they are with the tactic. Impressed with the technique.



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