Delusional or just a liar? Burton Defends Cancer Ad: “Not One Fact In That Ad That’s Wrong”

Priorities USA’s Bill Burton defends their cancer ad.


ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC: What about the fact that Mitt Romney left Bain Capital before this woman ended up being fired? She had other health insurance, there was a gap between when she was fired and when she was diagnosed. There are just so many flaws in the premise of that ad.

BILL BURTON, PRIORITIES USA: No. There’s not one fact in that ad that is wrong. I would challenge you to find one. All the facts in that ad are absolutely accurate. When that company went bankrupt, Mitt Romney was the Chairman, CEO, and sole shareholder of Bain. And yeah, I think most Americans would agree that you own the responsibility for what your company is doing if you’re the CEO.



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