Cybersecurity: President Threatens to Override Congress

The signs are growing that President Obama may once again trot out his new favorite tool—the executive order—to override the will of the people as represented by Congress.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D–NV) failed to get the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 passed. Even with the last-minute horse trading that occurred just before the vote, sponsors Joseph Lieberman (I–CT) and Susan Collins (R–ME) could not push it through. Now the President seems poised to tell Members of Congress again that his judgment is better than theirs.

An executive order would not take into account other opinions on cybersecurity, such as those of the House of Representatives and other Senate proposals, and could ignore the series of compromises that Lieberman and Collins tried to work out. Instead, it would likely be back to the full-bore mandatory regulation regime that was in the Cybersecurity Act months ago.



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