Cooper Performs Random Act of Journalism on Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz

A random act of journalism on CNN last night. I was getting e-mails all night long, “Rush, you gotta see this! Rush, you gotta talk about this! Rush you gotta tell people! Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz was taken to the woodshed by Anderson Cooper.” Now, folks, can I say something about this? We’ve got a lot of sound bites on this, and there’s no question: Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz went on CNN and tried to lie about a story in the LA Times and Mitt Romney.

Anderson Cooper would not let her get away with it.

Anderson Cooper just jumped down her throat, and made her look like the blabbermouth fool that she is. Now, stop and think about this. I’m getting e-mails all night. The conservative media press came to a stop. “Stop the presses! Look what’s happening!” And it struck me how rare real journalism is, how rare it is that a mainstream media outlet actually questions the honesty and veracity of a Democrat. How rare that is that, when it happened last night on CNN, everybody stopped what they were doing and told everybody they knew about it?

To me, that alone is an illustration of just how out of whack the media is.



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