Confident, Uplifting Convention Night Puts Obama in the Past, Knocks Dems Off Stride

I’ll tell you, it’s hard to pick out one thing from last night that stands out that you like more than anything else because there was so much. But one of the things I have to mention, because it’s been such a crucial point I’ve tried to get across for all these years, is the mobility that people have in this country and that the rich sometimes don’t stay rich.

They lose it and they rebuild it. People are constantly moving into and out of different income levels. Nobody is destined, for the rest of their life, to stay in the economic station to which they’re born. Ryan made that point very clearly. A lot of the speakers did last night. Some indirectly, some directly. But Ryan actually acted somewhat perplexed and frustrated anybody could think, “Okay, you’re born as somebody that mows the yard and that’s all you’re ever gonna do?”

What? Who…? Who thinks this way? He said the Democrats do. They want you to think that’s all this country offers you, but we, in the government, will take care of you. And Ryan’s out there talking about this. Here I’m in my twenties and I’m trying to earn some extra money mowing a yard, and I’m not thinking that this is the rest of my life, mowing lawns! I’m planning the rest of my life. I’m dreaming the rest of my life while I’m pushing a lawn mower.



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