CNN Is Just Making Up Poll Numbers Now

Okay, I’m not certain they are literally making up poll results, but the poll CNN and British market research firm ORC International released Thursday afternoon is so screwy and raises so many questions that they might as well be doing it intentionally. If CNN is already resorting to these kinds of tricks before the conventions have even started, it’s going to be a very long campaign.

First let me say, with less than three months to go in this campaign, can we please stop polling the political views of “adults”, rather than “registered voters.” We really should be moving soon to a “likely voter” screen, but I’ll take “registered voters” for now. Knowing the political views of unregistered voters is worthless at the height of an election campaign and serves no real purpose but to give the Democrats an advantage. Nate Silver at the New York Times has estimated that polls of adults are biased towards Democrats by around 7 points.



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