This has not been reported on much. I haven’t seen it anywhere. I got a secret e-mail yesterday afternoon. Stan Greenberg and James Carville have this company. It’s called Democracy Corps, and they go out there and they do polling. And you recall that it was Carville who warned Obama some months ago, “Don’t go out there and talk about the economy, especially an economy in recovery. Don’t go out there and try to convince people that we’re roaring back, because we’re not. And they know it because they’re living it.”

He warned Obama: Stay away from it.

Well, guess what? Carville and Greenberg have just released a new poll, and it’s devastating for Obama. Among independents — the precious, eagerly sought, oh-God-everybody-loves-them independents — Romney leads Obama (this is a poll this week) by 15 points, 53 to 38 in independents. This is remarkable. This is a Stan Greenberg and James Carville poll. “Independents disapprove of Obama’s job performance 56 to 40%. And when looking at intensity, disapproval is greater than two to one, 47 to 20%.”

It is devastating.

This is James Carville’s own poll.

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