Bucking Conventional Wisdom on the Effectiveness of Liberal Mediscare Tactics

It is gonna be funny to listen to them. In that sound bite we played from Obama when he was in Iowa, Council Bluffs, I think it was, when he called him a decent guy and a family man, I mean that’s an endorsement. So Obama has called Ryan a decent guy, a family man, his audience started booing, no, no, no, no, no, no. So when Obama’s PACs now set out after Ryan, and they will, you know they will, because that’s all they know how to do, they’re already doing it. I mean, I’ve got sound bites here from Candy Crowley and Axelrod, that’s all they have. And it’s a point that Ryan is making ever since Saturday. They don’t have anything. He made it last night with Bob Schieffer on CBS. They don’t have anything they could say about their record, so they have to distract. They have to use the Bain Capital stuff. They have to use “Romney killed my wife.” They have to come up with all of these personal smears and insults, and I’ll be real surprised if they’re able to make any of them stick against Paul Ryan.

You know, his wife is 40; Ryan is 42. His wife is college educated. They have a lot in common. His wife’s every bit the political thinker that he is. She chose motherhood, in her own words, she wanted to be a mother, and she is. They’ve got three kids. Well, that’s the kind of thing the Democrats have to demagogue. Oh, yeah, they’re so old fashioned, she chose motherhood? That’s not modern feminism. I mean look at the position that they’re in. I mean, you couldn’t have, as far as you folks and I are concerned, as I said, he’s the last Boy Scout. He is a traditional American man, and somehow they’re gonna try to paint that as out of touch or extreme. “Well, of course she can be a mother because Ryan is a rich Republican who’s benefited from the top knowledge of bankers.” This is the kind of stuff that they’re gonna try to hit him with, and they will. No, the media’s never going to tell the truth about Ryan’s Medicare plan, but that’s something that we know going in.



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