Brock Oppo File on Ryan: The Cure for Insomnia

I literally fell asleep while reading David Brock’s opposition research file on Paul Ryan, the Republican candidate for Vice President. The 290-page media cheat sheet, prepared by Brock’s super PAC, American Bridge 21st Century, and released on the Internet so that the Obama campaign could borrow from it without coordinating with the super PAC (wink, wink), is not just boring, but a giant failure, except as a cure for insomnia.

For all the greenhouse gas generated by Democrats wailing about super PACs, Brock’s super PAC is playing a leading role in shaping the Democrats’ media message–not just through American Bridge, but also Priorities USA, the super PAC run by former Obama White House staffer Bill Burton. Brock’s Media Matters outfit was founded to combat media bias, but is now revealed as the soggy foundation of the left’s slime industry.



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