Bill Burton: We’re Not Implying Romney Killed a Man’s Wife, We’re Just Telling the Story of How Romney Killed a Man’s Wife

Bill Burton. This is the guy that runs the PAC that did the ad, a truly disgusting figure. He was on Anderson Cooper last night on CNN. Cooper says, “How can you imply that Mitt Romney and Bain are somehow to blame for that poor woman dying of cancer?”

BURTON: My goodness. We — we — we don’t and we would not. I mean, those fact-checks presuppose exactly what we were trying to do, and that’s not the point of the ad. The point of the ad is to tell the story of the impact that Mitt Romney had on the lives of thousands of people. When he came to town they lost their jobs, they lost their health care, they lost their pension benefits. And that impact is felt still today in those communities.

RUSH: So, “Uh, we didn’t imply that Romney killed her. We’re just telling the story of how Romney killed her. We — we — we didn’t imply anything. We’re just telling the story.” But, again, the steel company asked Bain in! We’re going blue in the face. I don’t think it even matters to get the truth of this out, because that’s a distraction in itself. That’s not what this is about. What this is about is how low and despicable and disgusting the people around the president of the United States are and just exactly the kind of people they are. I mean, Bain Capital was asked in there.

This woman even had health insurance for two years!

This guy was offered a buyout!



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