Obama Admits: Romney Coming on Strong

Obama had a fundraiser last night in New York City featuring former basketball players. Obama told the crowd, “We’re in the fourth quarter, we’re up by a few points, but the other side is coming on strong, and they play a little dirty.” That reminded me of Jeremiah Wright and what he told the congregation at Obama’s church in describing Bill Clinton. You remember what he said? “He was riiiiiidin’ dirty!” Our buddy Bill was “ridin’ dirty.” But, nevertheless, Obama admits that Romney’s “coming on strong.” That’s an amazing admission.

I don’t recall incumbent presidents acknowledging their opposition in such fashion. Very rarely do you even acknowledge the opposition. And here’s Obama saying Romney’s coming on strong. And he is. The Gallup poll has Romney up now, by two. It’s been this way for five or six days, including Akin now. The latest Gallup tracking includes Akin, and Romney’s up over Obama. And in the swing states, it’s tightening up in these polls, in a lot of them. There’s some nervousness out there on the left.

There’s some nervousness in the media, some nervousness in the regime. I mean, it’s kind of funny to hear Obama talk about Romney playing dirty after the campaign Obama has run.



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