Amtrak Records $834 Million Loss on Food Sales Over Past Decade

Amtrak spent $1.70 for every dollar it earned on food and beverage sales last year, leading to a loss of $84.5 million on the service, according to information provided to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this week.

Committee Chairman John Mica (R-FL) blasted the “inefficient and wasteful” record of the nation’s rail line, pointing out the substantial cost to taxpayers occurring with each transaction.

“Over the last 10 years, these losses have amounted to a staggering $833.8 million,” said Mica. “It costs passengers $9.50 to buy a cheeseburger on Amtrak, but the cost to taxpayers is $16.15. Riders pay $2 for a Pepsi, but each of these sodas costs the U.S. Treasury $3.40.”

Mica estimated the per-employee loss on Amtrak’s food and beverage service—approximately $85 million—at a whopping $68,476. Amtrak employs 1,234 in its concessions service. The division collected $121.4 million in revenue but recorded a loss of $206 million.



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