Akin Controversy Isn’t About Abortion

One thing, ladies and gentlemen, on this Todd Akin business. We’ve had a couple calls from Missouri today from people who support Akin and want him to stay in. And one of them, a lady from Lake of the Ozarks, made the point that she doesn’t want the Republican establishment weighing in on this and forcing out somebody who won an election and replacing them with one of their own establishment candidates. She knows, even she acknowledged that Claire McCaskill and the Democrats did what they could to secure Akin as the Republican that they would face, that McCaskill would face, because they think that they’ll be able to tar and feather Akin as this right-wing kook pro-lifer. And, remember, they all think that every Republican and conservative is a right-wing kook and pro-lifer. And they think that’s a winning ticket for them.

Now, those of you out there who are supportive of Akin, I want you to understand something. At least for me, speaking for myself here, those who are hoping that Akin sees the light and withdraws, this is not about abortion. I’ll just speak for myself here. Hoping that he decides to step aside here has nothing to do, as far as I’m concerned, with his views on abortion. I don’t know about other people in this. But, as far as I’m concerned, that’s not the problematic thing for me, regarding Mr. Akin. It’s not a desire on my part to have social issues not be part of the campaign. I’m not afraid of social issues being part of a campaign.

Jeff Bell wrote a book. We’ve talked about the book on this program. Social issues actually have been factors in Republican victories. He documented it with polling data, election data, and results. This is not about that, to me. This is about something entirely different, and that is qualifications. This was an absolutely ridiculous thing to say, to start quantifying rape in any way. I know he apologized for it, but it’s still an indication that there’s more there that could potentially bubble up that could be harmful. To me, this is all about saving the country. This is all about being bigger than any one person. This is about winning the White House. This is about winning the Senate and holding the House of Representatives. This is about the future of the country and what kind of country it’s going to be. We need people that can win elections and then do the right thing afterwards. I don’t want a Joe Biden on our side.



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