“You Didn’t Build That” Gets Under His Skin

I’ve got a little revisit here of Obama and, “You didn’t build that. You didn’t make that happen.” ‘Cause we’re not gonna let that go away. And Obama’s now got an ad out. I think all this is really getting under his skin, folks. He’s got an ad out now whining and moaning that people take him out of context. He’s out there saying people that do what he does for a living, you have to expect people to make things up about you, and you have to expect people lie about you, and you have to expect that kind of criticism. That’s part of the doing the job, but this he’s not gonna put up with. This kind of misrepresentation, taking him out of context. So this is getting under his skin. And even if it weren’t, we would keep focus on it because this is who he is.



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