Why Democrats Get the Black Vote

I just saw a story quickly. I scanned it because I didn’t have a chance to print it out, but it’s about people literally abandoning public schools. They’re just leaving them. Enrollment in public schools nationwide — I think the number I saw was down 10% and it’s increasing. In big cities, which means that’s inner city kids. We’re not talking whites. Schools are decaying and Obama, the Democrats, are keeping those schools open in fealty to the teachers unions and for a whole bunch of other reasons. I have people ask me, and I’ve asked myself all the time, too, although I must say I have the answers. So my questions to myself are rhetorical. People say, “I don’t understand how African-Americans just keep voting Democrat.”

You make a mistake if you try to answer that policy-wise or intellectual-wise. It’s not about that. There’s no reason for anybody who cherishes success, liberty, and freedom, to be voting for Obama, but a lot of people are going to. I talked about this within the past month, and I hate to say it comes down to something like this, but it is one of many relevant factors, and it boils down to cool, and in a sense marketing. In fact, let me illustrate it this way. I’m reading some of the highbrow intellectuals on some of the so-called (they think) highbrowed blogs. And they’re highbrow analyzing the election, and the highbrows have got a theme going on some of these discussions. The theme is this.

Is the decay of the country, is the status of the economy and the worsening of everybody’s standard of living, is that enough to get rid of Obama, or is Romney gonna have to do something other than just be Romney? Because there is a comfort in knowing who you’ve got. People are actually speculating and suggesting that people might, in the midst of all this decay, nevertheless choose to stay with Obama because the other guy might be worse. This is what the highbrows are postulating out there. I think that’s a crock. Now, I do think that Romney’s gonna have to do more than talk about the economy, and I do think when he talks about the economy he’s gonna have to get specific, and it wouldn’t be hard.



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