White House concerned that Assad will use chemical weapons in Syria

The Obama administration on Tuesday said it was concerned that Syrian President Bashar Assad would use his nation’s stockpiles of chemical weapons to put down the 17-month uprising against his government.

“What we have seen is inhumane brutality from the Assad regime, and that is something that has aroused the concern — against his own people I should say – and that has certainly aroused concern not just by the president and U.S. officials, but by the leaders of countries all over the globe, including a number of countries in the region,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Air Force One, according to a transcript from CQ.

“What I can tell you is — this is something that the State Department has also expressed publicly – is that there are certain responsibilities that go along with the handling and storage and security of those chemical weapons. And we believe that the individuals who are responsible for living up to those challenges should do so and will be held accountable for doing so.”



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