When the Dam Finally Bursts

A fork truck showed up on campus at Penn State this week. Like a reenactment of the toppling of Stalin’s bronze effigy as Communism imploded, legendary Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno’s statue was unceremoniously tarped over and carted off to obscurity. The school desperately wants to put its current mess behind it as quickly and quietly as possible, and Paterno’s highly-visible statue has transfigured from an icon of righteous determination and integrity into a symbol of what happens when moral rectitude is sacrificed on the altar of expedience and accommodation.

The facts of the Jerry Sandusky scandal have come out, and they tell a deplorable tale of decades of predatory sexual abuse compounded by obfuscation of truth, obstruction of justice, and most egregiously the aiding and abetting of these crimes by those who knew and refused to act on behalf of the innocent children being victimized. Sandusky has been convicted on forty-five counts of sexual abuse of a minor.



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