When Did Romney Leave Bain? Who Cares? When Will Obama Leave the White House?

Everybody in the Democrat Party in the media is knowingly pumping and sustaining a falsehood, something that’s not even close to true, it’s not even a story. Well, we’re gonna look at it one more time. It’s the seriousness of the charge. It’s no different than the allegation by that Columbia professor, Gary Sick, that Bush 41 had a secret flight to France in 1980 on the SR-71 to negotiate with the Iranians to make sure they held our hostages through the election. And there was no such trip. Bush 41 never went to Paris. He didn’t negotiate with the Iranians, and Tom Foley, Speaker of the House, said, “Well, we gotta look into this. It’s the seriousness of the charge.”

Now, the woman pushing this diatribe is a lunatic by the name of Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s deputy campaign managerette. She was Bill Clinton’s deputy communications director. She was the communications director for Ted Kennedy. She was the communications director for the Democrat National Committee. The communications director for the haughty John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, and his campaign. She even managed the communications and outreach strategery for Obamacare. So she’s got a long track record as a professional disinformationalist. She is a professional. She is perhaps the most qualified disinformationalist in all of the Democrat Party.

When did Romney leave Bain? No. When is Obama leaving the White House? That is the question. What can we do to make that a date certain? Now we’re supposed to be concerned with what Romney did with his money. No. We’re not concerned with what Romney did with his money. We are concerned with what Obama is doing with our money. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. I got so ticked off I didn’t even tell the engineer where I was starting on the sound bites today. This is Stephanie Cutter in all of her glory. This is on a conference call with reporters yesterday afternoon.



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