You may have heard of another signature gathering campaign going on in Ohio called “Voters First”. On their website, they claim to be “led by a coalition of nonpartisan groups and people from across Ohio.”

Voters First is also known by the name We Are Ohio. This is the same union organization that spent millions convincing Ohio voters to turn back Governor Kasich’s government union reforms last year. The usual suspects include the SEIU, OEA, AFL-CIO and AFSCME. Not a very “non-partisan” set of groups.

Voters First are proposing a constitutional amendment that will change Ohio’s redistricting process to one they claim is non-partisan. What they don’t tell you, is that its almost a carbon copy of a system put in place in California. Democrats manipulated and controlled the system in California to ensure that the “non-partisan” citizens’ commission contained a majority of extremely liberal Democrats. Back in December, Pro Publica blew the lid off the how California Democrats gamed the process from the beginning.

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