Trump on Fear of a Second Obama Term

Now, Trump was on Greta Van Susteren last night on the Fox News Channel. First question: “Donald, the president has said that you didn’t build it, and he said that the Romney campaign has taken his statements out of context. I’m curious, though. Your thoughts on what the president meant or how you took what he meant when he talked about people not building it. I realize there’s more to the quote than that, but what’s your thought on it?”

TRUMP: It’s a very, very tough statement. People are very upset by it. It really has energized a lot of people in this country, because maybe the truth is coming out finally about President Obama and his attitudes. It is a very, very hard thing for people that work 20 hours a day, whether it’s building a business or just working on jobs where they build great things. It’s very hard for those people to take when they hear a statement like that. It’s a very, very difficult statement for them to take.

RUSH: And she said, “What’s the scare factor? Are we getting the scare factor from some people? These are very serious times and it makes a big difference whether the tax rates are extended or not?”



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