Translating Obama’s Nonsensical Ramblings

It takes a lot of money, folks, to run away from your record. It takes gazillions of dollars to run away from your record. That’s what Obama has to do. Even the Washington Post in their poll story today has this little passage, shall we say. Quote: “The challenge for President Obama may be trying to turn attention away from a stubbornly negative take on his performance.” No kidding. The challenge for the president might be trying to turn attention away from a stubbornly negative take on his performance? Hey, Washington Post, why is there a stubbornly negative take on his performance? Is it perhaps because his performance has been drastically negative? There’s nothing stubborn about us. We live in Realville.

Stubbornly negative take on his performance. Despite everything we’ve done here at the Washington Post to pass this guy off as FDR, he still comes across as Wile E. Coyote. Bunch of dumb voters. He just said it again. He’s out there now, said it again to the kids at a community college in Iowa. He’s out there decrying Romney and Republican policy. He said, “We tried it their way through most of the last decade, and it didn’t work. We tried it their way.” It’s three-and-a-half years of his way. Our way in 2006, unemployment under 6%, deficit $160 billion. We tried it their way. That’s the 2008 campaign. We tried it their way. Can you imagine, if Obama’s reelected, the mess he’s gonna inherit? And then who’s he gonna blame that on? I know the answer.



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