Top 10 Questionable Tactics From The Obama Campaign

The president will say anything to get re-elected and his strategy includes this list of outright falsehoods, distortions, smears and lies.

1. Make wild charges

President Obama’s campaign team’s incessant attacks on Romney’s record at Bain Capital are a textbook example of trying to divert attention by exaggerating and distorting their opponent’s record. With the assistance of the mainstream media, President Obama is trying to make Romney look like the second coming of Simon Legree, with his campaign going so far as to accuse Romney of committing felonies.

2. Lie about opponents

At this stage in the race, desperate Democrats are starting to make things up. At a Democratic fundraiser in Seattle, Vice President Joe Biden tried to slip an outright falsehood past the crowd. Citing efforts in several states to cleanse voter rolls of the dead and felonious, Biden said, “Republicans have changed the law so you get arrested if you do vote.”

3. Play the blame game

“The buck stops here” is not exactly the motto of the Barack Obama presidency as he continually tries to shift the blame for his poor record to others. The moribund economy and lack of job creation is the result of the Bush tax cuts, the Arab Spring, the Japanese tsunami, greedy Wall Street bankers, uncooperative Republicans and ATM machines.



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