The Most Telling Moment of Obama’s Presidency: “You Didn’t Build That”

They don’t do anything, but they think they should be rewarded simply for their intelligence, and they’re not. Therefore capitalism is flawed. It really isn’t no more complicated than that. Obama thinks that he’s one of those guys. And they think, the intellectuals think, that Obama is one of those guys. So when he started saying (impression), “There are a lot of smart people out there,” he’s thinking of himself and his other intellectual buddies.

“In fact, there are a lot of smarter people than you out there! They ought to be doing better than you are,” and he’s gonna fix it. So, in context, there is a resentment for success. There is a resentment for achievement and a desire to punish it, particularly if — in the worldview of the intellectuals — the people achieving success are not that smart. Or if they’re not judged to be that smart. So a small business owner who has a bait-and-tackle shop, for example, or a gun shop? Oh! This guy could be one of the most successful people in his community, and that would merit him nothing more than derision.

He’s a hick, as the intellectuals look at it.

So Obama can talk about how he was taken out of context on this or that, or claim Romney left a sentence out. But the bottom line is: In context, it was clear that Obama holds a deep resentment for success and achievement. He’s got chip on his shoulder about it, and he aims to do something about it. So he says Romney’s twisting his words. Then he goes on. After saying Romney twisted his words, after he says, “Romney left out the sentence where I was talking about roads and bridges! I wasn’t talking about ‘you didn’t build your business.’ I was saying these businesspeople didn’t build their roads and bridges,” which is a crock, because they did.

They paid the lion’s share of taxes that built those roads and stupid bridges.



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