The Left’s Stalinist War on Chick-Fil-A

Let me talk about this business with Chick-Fil-A and Chicago and Boston. I personally am in stunned disbelief over the reaction to this on conservative blogs. What do we have? We have two mayors who are essentially Stalinist, who have had no problem whatsoever — not one problem at all — with going before the microphones and telling an American business, “You are not welcome here. And if you come here, you will be penalized or whatever the hell will happen.”

All because the guy who owns the outfit happens to be a publicly professed Christian who believes that “marriage” has a specific definition. Now, this is a classic example of a government destroying an institution that has promoted the kind of society we have had in the past and the kind of society we’ve always wanted. This is a direct assault. That’s a direct assault on Christianity. That is a direct assault on Christians. With economic punishment thrown in including threats from government officials that are in clear violation of the Constitution.



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