The Dismantling of the American Dream

Who does Obama think paid the taxes for the roads and the bridges and the stoplights? Who paid for this? Who paid for all of that? People that don’t have anything? People who pay taxes paid for all this stuff! Folks, it’s a shame that we have to sit here and react to this kind of sophistry and explain to people how this country was built and who did it and why it happened and how it happened. Because we live in a period of time where the president of the United States is trying to rewrite the history of this country.

He wants you to believe that socialists built this country. He wants you to believe that the people who built this country got trod on, stepped on, and never got a dime for what they did. Everybody else stole their work and stole their businesses, and everybody that became rich is basically a thief. And the reason he’s doing it is numbers. There are far more millions of people who aren’t rich than there are people who are. So he can fire up those people that are non-rich.

If you’re an average liberal, you’re sitting out there knowing that your life doesn’t matter. If you’re an average liberal, you’re in desperate, vain search for meaning in your life because you know you don’t have any. And everybody wants their lives to matter. Why are liberals so susceptible to running around and buying cheap little cars they think can “save the planet”? ‘Cause liberals come to ’em and say, “You know what? You’ve destroyed the planet, but you can redeem yourself. You can save the planet!”



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