Former President George W. Bush endured any number of insults to his intelligence while in office. It didn’t matter that he had graduated from both Yale and Harvard, worked in business, ran a Major League Baseball enterprise, or successfully served as a Texas Governor before being elected to a second term with a recording-breaking 69% of the vote. He was forever branded the dim bulb and hick from Texas, out of his league in the Oval Office.

But that Barack Obama, he was the real deal – a Constitutional scholar, despite his never actually having performed as one. Obama was just another Chicago machine politician before being elected president.

Given recent comments he made from the White House, Obama’s not much of a student of History, or human rights, either. ‘”In his remarks, Obama suggested that the Declaration (of Independence) was the first time the God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness had been “put to paper.”‘

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