Romney Web ad mocks Obama’s ‘it worked’ comment

Mitt Romney’s campaign released a new Web video Monday hammering President Obama over remarks he made contrasting Republican and Democratic economic successes and arguing the presumptive Republican nominee offers “the right kind of leadership.”

It’s the second time that a Romney campaign ad has highlighted remarks the president made during a Democratic fundraiser last week. In the clip, the president is shown saying “we’ve tried their plan, we tried our plan — and it worked. That’s the difference.”

The Romney campaign said in a statement that in the clip, the president “proudly proclaimed that his economic plan had ‘worked,’ ” although the Obama campaign and independent fact-checkers — including The Washington Post — have pointed out that the full context of the remarks show Obama contrasting the Clinton and Bush economies. Nevertheless, the quote — much like the president’s earlier “you didn’t build that” remark — will likely be used by Republicans eager to draw a contrast on economic messaging.



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