Romney: ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way’

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney responded to today’s disappointing jobs numbers by saying that “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

“Not only is the 8.2 percent number unacceptably high and that has been in place for over 41 months, but in addition if you look at the broader analysis of people who are out of work or dropped out of the workforce or that are underemployed in part-time jobs needing full time work, it’s almost 15 percent of the American public,” Romney said, according to a rush transcript. “Then there those that are working, but working in jobs well beneath their skill level or multiple part-time jobs. Kids that are coming out of college not being able to find work. Veterans coming home not being able to do anything but stand in an unemployment line. These are very difficult times for the American people.”



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